FACTS, stands for Factory Analyses in ConcepTual phase using Simulation, was a Swedish research project funded by VINNOVA and supported by the Swedish automotive industry through the MERA program. In FACTS, it was successfully demonstrated the enormous potential of “frontloading” the use of simulation to support the early stages of production systems design by integrating model abstraction and simulation-based optimization (SBO) in an innovative manner. The major software tool delivered by the project is called FACTS Analyzer, which is specifically designed for supporting factory design, analysis and optimization during the conceptual design phase.

What are the major differences between FACTS Analyzer and other factory simulation software packages? Three main features distinguish FACTS Analyzer from other commercial production system simulation software:

  • Rapid modelling, no programming, easy to learn and use.
  • Tightly integrated with powerful multi-objective optimization algorithms, making optimization of production systems straightforward, when compared to other products
  • Build-in functions to identify bottlenecks and automatically suggest which decision variables to improve automatically.

The rapid modelling method, together with the optimized descrete event simulation engine, also renders FACTS Analyzer to be a significantly faster simulator than other simulation software. This allows you to obtain simulation-based optimization results faster to support your decision making.