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Data Analytics

Data analytics involve the integration of computational statistics, data modeling, and machine learning methods to transform collected historical and real-time multivariate data into knowledge and insights for decision support. How about beyond that to learn even more from optimal solutions generated from simulations and not from your actual system? We offer unique solutions that combine simulation-based predictive and AI-based prescriptive analytics for you to gain insights and knowledge that is not possible with historical and real-time data alone.


Simulation alone is not an optimization method – it has to be combined with other technologies, including but not limited to AI-based methods, to generate optimal solutions for optimizing your multiple business goals. Simulation-based optimization, especially the use of powerful multi-objective optimization (MOO), is in the DNA of any solutions offered by Evoma. Using MOO for improving the bottleneck of your production or cutting waiting times in a healthcare system are just two of the numerous innovative applications.

Digital Twins

To qualify as a real digital twin, real-time data from your physical system to a digital replica is only half of the story – you also need to use such a digital replica to predict the optimal actions that can be directly applied to operate your physical system. Evoma can help you to realize this real digital twins implementation, from automatic data collection and analysis to simulation-based optimization running on the digital twin to boost your operational efficiency.   

Decision Support

Building upon our unique combination of simulation, optimization and data mining methods, innovative linked solution exploration, dynamic solution visualization and interactive knowledge discovery are all at your disposal for effectively supporting decision-making activities in your business.

OuR software – Facts analyzer

FACTS Analyzer is a discrete-event simulation software that simplifies the simulation process within manufacturing. Production managers or engineers can use FACTS Analyzer to accurately model and simulate their production lines with the help of the easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, intuitive interface. It features integrated, Artificial Intelligence based multi-objective optimization algorithms and visual analytics tools for supporting confident decision making related to production systems design and improvement

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