Evoma AB Proudly Showcased Innovative Solutions at the Nordic Battery Conference!


During the Nordic Battery Conference 9th-10th April, Evoma AB participated in the exhibition, showcasing their innovative solutions that could reinforce the Nordic and European battery industry.

Engaging in insightful discussions, Evoma AB explored topics like the circular Nordic Battery Value Chain and Competence and talent attraction. As participants in the conference exhibition, Evoma AB also showcased the transformative potential of their consulting and software solutions. Amidst captivating presentations and panel discussions, attendees discovered how Evoma’s expertise could enhance efficiency, innovation, and sustainability across various sectors of the value chain.

From optimizing supply chain management to exploring promising software solutions addressing energy and power optimization, Evoma AB is at the forefront of driving meaningful change. Their presence at the conference underscored their commitment to empowering businesses with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in the rapidly evolving market landscape.