Evoma for Manufacturing

Evoma helps manufacturing companies in optimizing their system (re-)configurations, operations and improvements to attain higher capacity, lower lead-time and work-in-process as well as energy consumption.

Bottlenecks analysis

Where and what are the minimum changes (lowest cost) in a factory in order to elevate its overall capacity and simultaneously reduce the lead-time. Our optimization algorithm will give you the answer.

Multi-objective optimization

Almost all problems found in manufacturing industries are multi-objective by nature as cost and time are always the constraints. Multi-objective optimization will find the optimal trade-off for well-informed decision support.

Rapid modelling

Designed with the principle of rapid modeling with a clear goal to aid the users to build simulation models without the need of any programming skills.

Manufacturing is the domain that has the longest history and dominance in terms of the applications of discrete-event simulation (DES). FACTS Analyzer, designed as a production systems analysis software to support not only what-if questions but also advanced simulation-based optimization features, certainly is very suitable for the design, operations and continuous improvements of any manufacturing systems. In particular, the multi-objective optimization tightly integrated with the simulation is very useful to answer the following design and improvement questions asked by managers/engineers:

  • What is the minimum investment cost and where to put them to achieve the target capacity?​ 
  • What is the minimum number of buffers and where to put them to achieve the target capacity without unnecessarily enlengthening the lead-time? 
  • ​Where and how many improvement changes are needed to improve the overall capacity of the production line (a new definition of bottleneck analysis)?

Other industries suited for our software

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