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Supporting factory design, analysis and optimization

Evoma’s offers revolve around the software FACTS Analyzer as our flagship product. FACTS Analyzer is specifically designed for supporting factory design, analysis and optimization during the conceptual design phase. From both a strategic and technical perspective, FACTS Analyzer endows three major advantages over existing products in the market.

The Three main features that distinguish facts analyzer

The major differences


Running optimization on simulation models is not only a fully integrated function in FACTS Analyzer but a mindset that we promote to our customers, including industrial users and university students alike. Both in software design or on the educational materials, optimization in FACTS Analyzer is not an add-on or a third-party software module, but an integrated component now and in the future.


Highly customizable but still lower run-time overhead (20% faster) when compared to other simulation software in the market. This allows Evoma’s consultants and partners to differentiate themselves from other consultants by delivering optimization solutions, packed as customized FACTS models or integrated optimization solutions, to our customers to solve their daily/weekly production planning, bottleneck and lead-time improvement problems, etc


In terms of education, there are several unique features, including (1) rapid modeling, (2) standardized and customizable objects, (3) easy-to-use optimization that, when combined, can offer the students the opportunity to put their focus on learning production systems analysis, instead of simulation programming and statistics, especially if well-designed course materials and well-planned laboratory moments are also developed around the software.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I pay for my subscription?

Subscriptions are invoiced yearly and payed via a bank transfer (Bankgiro or SWIFT). 

Will my subscription automatically renew?

No. Every renewal is preceded by a new quotation.

Large license volume or unique business model?

If you’re a business with a large license volume or unique business model, reach out to discuss alternative pricing options.
Our teams will review your current statements and can help design a customized pricing package.