Facts for Academia

Give your students state-of-the-art knowledge in simulation-based optimization (SBO). FACTS Analyzer is now license free* for esteemed academic institution to use in higher education.

Bottleneck analysis

Students can learn about how our unique SCORE algorithm can effectively pinpoint the optimal improvements to elevate the performance of a system/business.

Multi-objective optimization

Learn not only about how to easily set up an optimization study using FACTS Analyzer, but also why Multi-Objective Optimization is essential in system design and improvement.

Rapid modeling

Designed with the principle of rapid modeling with a clear goal to aid the users to build simulation models without the need of any programming skills.

Despite the development of FACTS was originally targeted mainly at industrial users like manufacturing executives/engineers, it was very soon discovered that it could be used readily to be an effective toolset for teaching production systems analysis in universities and industry. 

A common issue facing many simulation educators is that students usually spend excessive time struggling with the programming and statistical parts of the simulation courses so that very little time is left for them to learn systems analysis. 

FACTS Analyzer was designed from day one with the principle of rapid modeling by letting the users build simulation models without the need for any programming skills. Compared to other advanced simulation software packages, in which programming is necessary even for the simplest logic and object control, FACTS Analyzer offers novel modeling concepts to solve many common production logic and product flow scenarios that otherwise require programming. Apart from rapid modeling, FACTS Analyzer also offers standardized and customizable objects as well as easy-to-use optimization that, when combined, can offer the students the opportunity to put their focus on learning production systems analysis, instead of simulation programming and statistics, especially if well-designed course materials and well-planned laboratory moments are also developed around the software.

* For Swedish universities only; for universities outside Sweden, please contact us att info@evoma.se for more information

Frequently asked questions

How can I pay for my subscription?

Subscriptions are invoiced yearly and payed via a bank transfer (Bankgiro or SWIFT). 

Will my subscription automatically renew?

No. Every renewal is preceded by a new quotation.

How can we help you?

If you’re a business with a large license volume or unique business model, reach out to discuss alternative pricing options.
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