Frequently asked questions

Can I try FACTS Analyzer Professional?

Can i use FACT Analyzer Professional for my problem?

Our software is a generic Discrete Event Simulation engine, and you can solve a vast array of problems with this technique. Contact us with your problem and we can discuss further.

Can I get your help to develop a simulation model for my problem using FACTS Analyzer Professional?

For questions regarding how to use FACTS we answer according to the support agreement. For complete solutions we offer consultancy.

Are you offering courses on how to use your software?

Yes we offer everything from a one-day introductory course to a five-day comprehensive course. Please contact us for details and a quote or email us directly

Can I have more than one evaluation period of FACTS Analyzer Professional?

In general, No! Contact for a possible extension of your evaluation license.

I have confidential information in my simulation model. Will it be safe?

Yes. By default, all optimizations are run on your local computer, and nothing is sent over the network and/or internet.

Can I use the internal optimization engine in FACTS Analyzer Professional for my own software?

It is possible to connect our optimization engine to other software. Contact us for further discussions at

Can I run my models without an active license?

No, both building and running models require and active license. You can request an evaluation license here and request a quotation here.

Can I run FACTS Analyzer Professional on my Mac?

No. Not unless you have an Intel-based Mac and run Windows via Boot Camp. Another option is if Windows is run on a virtual computer with Microsoft Windows, e.g., via Parallels desktop. However, virtualization is not tested on later Macs running Apple Silicon.