Cloud-enabled Optimization

Apart from being a rapid modeling software, FACTS Analyzer is also a web-service enabled SBO system. With the idea that certain server components can be hosted by one or several cloud-computing providers, the idea of extending FACTS Analyzer to be a cloud-enabled SBO system was started in 2014. This allows advanced users to connect to our cloud-computing service to drastically speed up their optimization runs.

If a simulation model takes a CPU 1 minute to execute a replication run and 10 replications are required, then an optimization that takes 5000 evaluations will cost 50 hours, which for any decision-maker would simply be a prohibitively long waiting period. But if the optimization can be distributed to 50 CPUs in a cloud-computing platform, then the results can be obtained within 1 hour. This is the power of cloud-based simulations so that the users have no need to compromise the modeling details for the execution speed.

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