3-day Course

We provide a 3-day course for learning FACTS Analyser Professional with the supply of the book “Production systems design, analysis and improvement: a FACTS approach”. The course is divided into three major parts:

Introduction (0,5 days)

Basic introduction of production systems and material flow simulation, with the demonstrations of how FACTS can be used. (½ day)

Essential modelling (1,5 days)

We go through all essential modelling objects provided by FACTS, using simple but pedagogical model constructs. (1½ day)

Examples (1 day)

Simulation-based optimization, industrial-scale examples showing how FACTS can be used practically to solve large-scale problems in industry, including how several millions can be saved per year in an automotive manufacturer.

Interested in our courses?

We customize basic and advanced courses according to your needs, expectations and experiences. 

Start with our 3-day basic course and then select if you would like to continue with some customized project supervision sessions (online or on-site) or an advanced-level course to deepen your knowledge and skills in simulation model development and simulation-based optimization for decision support.

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